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SHS Airsoft is one of the leading suppliers of AEG upgrade parts in the world. SHS Airsoft offers you:

1, Reliable quality and reasonable price upgrade gearbox parts(gears, pistons, springs, spring guides, nozzles etc.).

2, Other small and single parts.

3, OEM and ODM service could be provide. Any new parts that you want to make.


  After 4years development, SHS parts are welcome and sold to over 30countries in the world. We thank each and every distributor who supports and helps us all the time. We will always keep improving.


            Currently, there are many fake/copy SHS products on the market.Please identify our website and the original SHS products shipped by our company. Thanks!
                                                                                     SHS Airsoft



Company Name Change Notice


  Now our company has a new name, please identify our new name. Thanks!

  904, Lai Sun Yuen Long Industrial Centre, 21 Wang Yip Street East,YuenLong, Hong Kong.

                                                                     SHS Airsoft



Recruit Agency

We are currently looking for distributors to carry SHS parts, if you are a wholesaler/distributor and are interested please contact us at: zhang@topaeg.com



Packaging are Changed                                            

Differences between CL5012 and CL5013

Ways to identify original SHS

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